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Anthony Caro at Annely Juda Fine Art

Annely Juda Fine Art will be presenting the first exhibition of a series of new galvanized sculptures by Sir Anthony Caro. The exhibition will take place over two floors at Annely Juda Fine Art including the recently expanded third floor gallery space. It has been organized in collaboration with Mitchell-Innes & Nash's exhibition in the Chelsea gallery, from October 19 to November 21, 2007.


Anthony Caro "Jupiter"
Anthony Caro "Jupiter" 2005 Steel, galvanized and painted 87 by 187 by 117 in. (221 by 475 by 297 cm.)
Anthony Caro "Slow Passage"
Anthony Caro "Slow Passage" 2006 Steel, galvanized and painted 94 by 177 by 63 in. (239 by 449.5 by 160 cm.)
Anthony Caro "Yellow Room," 2005-2006
Anthony Caro "Yellow Room," 2005-2006 Steel and cast iron, galvanized and painted 73 ½ by 90 ½ by 71 in. (186.5 by 230 by 180 cm.)