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Chris Johanson & Sun Foot in Generationalpictomusicapolis at Coney Island Walls

Generationalpictomusicapolis is a celebration of collaborative music and art-making. This one night only concert and pop-up exhibition features experimental punk from NO AGE (Randy Randall and Dean Spunt), the barely amplified feel-good vibes of SUN FOOT (Ron Burns,Chris Johanson, Brian Mumford) and the ramshackle psych-folk of DEVIN, GARY & ROSS (Devin Flynn, Gary Panter, Ross Goldstein. Limited-edition, collaboratively made artworks created by each band member are exhibited at the show and are available for purchase. These unique prints utilize the creative vision of each individual musician/artist as well as the whole of the group, and feature paint, photographs, silk screens, spray paint and more. The 2015 tour will feature a special addition: A limited-edition 7” record featuring recordings created in collaboration by the three bands.