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Martha Rosler at Gallery 400 at UIC College of Architecture & the Arts

In response to a nexus of increasingly difficult economics in making a living as artists, obtaining higher education, or working within institutions of higher education, Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia examines artistic and activist approaches to critical economic issues in US education. These issues include income inequality, wages for artists, labor activism, the precarity of part-time faculty, diversity/decolonization, rising tuition costs, and student debt.

The exhibition includes contributions from numerous local and national organizations including Adjunct Commuter Weekly, BFAMFAPhD, The Debtfair collective, PrecariCorps, Student Debt Suicide Letters, and W.A.G.E. As well as imaginative projects from individual artists such as Christian Nagler, Ahmet Öğüt, and Cassie Thornton.