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The Stanczak Color Quarterly

Welcome back to the Stanczak Color Quarterly, the newsletter celebrating the work of seminal Op Artist and master colorist Julian Stanczak. In this issue, we investigate a 2013 work to discern the number of colors used to create the distinctive Stanczak ‘glow.’

Read on to discover more; to hear about recent Stanczak exhibitions; and to see press coverage of the new Stanczak documentary. Plus, we highlight an exciting new international collaboration.

How many unique colors are there in Cadmium Orange, 2013? Is it 11, or is it 30? Even Julian’s family and friends had difficulty figuring it out.

Take, for instance, the small dashes linking the orange and brown squares. At first glance, the lines towards the edge of the canvas (pictured left) appear pink, while the more central dashes (pictured right) appear blue. We investigated: could the dashes be the same color throughout? To find out, read Barbara Stanczak’s essay on Cadmium Orange here.

“Julian loved to make colors do impossible things—he got a kick out of getting the most visual action out of the fewest color participants!” —Barbara Stanczak writing about Cadmium Orange

September 2022 Marked Both the American and European Premiere of the New Julian Stanczak Documentary. Julian Stanczak: To Catch the Light, by Polish documentarian Tomasz Magierski, debuted in the United States with a screening at the Cleveland Institute of Art's Cinematheque. The film had its European premiere at the Gdynia Film Festival in Poland in September 2022. Read more about the Cleveland screening here.

“If I take time to really look at what I'm seeing, there is no limit to the secrets unveiled.” —Julian Stanczak

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