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Jessica Stockholder Talk at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Join artist Jessica Stockholder in conversation with curators Liz Park and Cynthia Stucki (Carnegie Museum of Art) as well as Elizabeth Chodos (Miller ICA) on the occasion of a new installation of her sculptures at Carnegie Museum of Art as well as her recently commissioned public artwork at Carnegie Mellon University. We will experience Stockholder’s installation work in multiple contexts while hearing directly from her about her ever-forming practice of bringing together seemingly disparate everyday objects that alter relationships between artistic form and how we inhabit and move through space.

About the Artist

Jessica Stockholder (b. 1959, Seattle, WA) is a pioneer of multimedia genre-bending installations. Her site-specific interventions and colorful constructions challenge pictorial ways of looking. Expanding relationships between sculpture, painting, form, and space, Stockholder’s work brings together seemingly disparate, everyday objects to create holistic, colorful installations.

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