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Leigh Ledare at Printed Matter's LA Book Fair

Nicolás Guagnini and Leigh Ledare
Ana and Carl and some other couples

A collaborative project created exclusively for the LA Book Fair by Leigh Ledare and Nicolás Guagnini in conjunction with Andrew Roth and PPP Editions. It consists of an intervention into 126 books on the social sciences: Marxism, psychoanalysis, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, literary and art criticism, cultural studies, and literature. The intervention consists of circular holes filled with a variation of positions and possibilities within human sexual interaction.

Both sets of orders, that of the humanistic disciplines and that of codified sexuality for sale, cancel and negate each other. Their interactions are regulated by yet another order, that of the cover art in relationship to the pornographic cutout peeping through the hole. This sculptural work will be accompanied by a limited edition artist’s book of 100 signed and numbered copies.