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Virginia Overton at Storm King Art Center

Outlooks: Virginia Overton
May 3 - November 30, 2014

The second artist to be featured in Storm King’s Outlooks series is American artist Virginia Overton. Overton has created a site-specific brass sculpture across an expansive, central, rolling field. A thin tube, some 400 feet in length, will mirror the contours and curves of the sloping hill, carrying sound, picking up slight noises, and allowing visitors different aural experiences on their outdoor treks. The piece suggests tripartite interactivity between itself, Storm King’s visitors, and the topography of its setting.

Overton’s work will act as a drawing in space and will appear to hover over the field’s tall grasses. The color of the metal tube will reflect and respond to its surroundings, changing in tone from season to season as its natural surroundings shift from the early spring, to summer, to autumn.


 Installation View

Installation View