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Selected and introduced by Juli Carson, this book presents a collection of essential essays, interviews, and never-before published archival materials that trace the development of the teaching of major artist and thinker Mary Kelly, from 1980-2017.

As an artist and a theorist, Kelly is known for her foundational contributions to Feminism and Conceptual Art; she is also revered for her innovative pedagogy, which has influenced countless artists, writers and teachers within the international art community. Her description of a feminist practice of concentric pedagogy, centred on the artwork rather the mastery of the teacher, radically changed teaching practice in art studios.

Detailing Kelly's innovative pedagogical program, the essays are split into three sections: The Method, which focuses on Kelly's renowned method of “ethical observation” within studio critique; The Project, which explores her notion of what constitutes an artistic project; and Project and Method in the Field which presents, for the first time, a transcription of On the Passage of a Few People though a Rather Brief Period of Time, a performative colloquy commissioned by the Tate Modern and moderated by Kelly in 2015; following this transcription is a portfolio of practicing artists previously enrolled in Kelly's Interdisciplinary Studio Area at UCLA.

Mary Kelly's Concentric Pedagogy highlights how contemporary studio teaching practice has been largely informed by Kelly's bold and innovative approach to art pedagogy, evidencing how the intersection of teaching, artistic practice, and radical political engagement can transform our approach to all three. It is essential reading for students and teachers of art and design studio practice, art history and theory, contemporary, and feminist art.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Series Editor Preface, Griselda Pollock

Introduction, Juli Carson

Part One: The Method

1. Mary Kelly, Concentric Pedagogy: Toward an Ethics of the Observer
2. Looking, Listening, Slowing Down, Mary Kelly and Kerry Tribe in Conversation
3. Archive (Part One): Attendant Course Schedules / Handwritten Course Notes and Charts
4. Mary Kelly, Re-viewing Modernist Criticism
5. Formations in the Studio
6. Mary Kelly, The Ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi: Notes on Gesture, Medium and Mediation

Part Two: The Project

7. Mary Kelly, Dialogic Procedures and Project-Based Work
8. The Dialogic Imagination, Mary Kelly in conversation with Sharon Hayes, Jane Jin Kaisen, Andrea Geyer, Dont Rhine
9. Archive (Part Two): Attendant Course Schedules / Handwritten Course Notes and Charts
10. Mary Kelly, Miming the Master: Boy Things, Bad Girls, and Femmes Vitales
11. Dispersions in the Field
12. Mary Kelly, On Fidelity: Art, Politics, Passion and Event

Part Three: Project and Method in the Field

13. Archive (Part Three): Posters and Symposia Readers
14. On the Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Period of Time, Mary Kelly, Moderator, Tate Modern Online Conference
15. Mary Kelly's The Practical Past


16. Concentric Pedagogy Chronology

Author, Editor and Contributors' Biographies