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Press Release


Amanda Ross-Ho’s work draws from a broad hierarchy of structures, mapping connectivity within the overlapping ecologies of personal and universal phenomena. Her evolving language combines forensic and theatrical gestures, diagramming the reflexive relationships between production, presentation, and the social contracts of viewership. She revisits images and forms in multiple iterations, employing translation, shifts in scale, and site-responsive gestures that address the complex structures of context.
Ross-Ho presents a new sculptural installation, titled Untitled Findings (ACCESS), that consists of enlarged replicas of keys to a range of cultural institutions and private spaces located throughout Basel.  Placed at varying intervals throughout the city, the viewer discovers the keys one-by-one, as if dropped by a careless pedestrian. A large-scale sculptural replica of a carabiner key ring, the artists’ own keychain, completes the work. While employing the shift in scale of quotidian objects for which Ross-Ho has become known, Untitled Findings (ACCESS), initiates an experience of memory, repetition, and curiosity of discovery on the part of a Basel viewer while engaging with the cultural heritage and close-knit community of the city.