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KARL HAENDEL Double Dominant 4 (Rodney McMillian) 2018

Double Dominant 4 (Rodney McMillian)
pencil on paper, 103 x 84 inches / 261.6 x 213.4 cm)
© Karl Haendel, Collection of Hammer Museum; Los Angeles, CA, USA

Early last year, Vielmetter Los Angeles presented “Karl Haendel: Double Dominant” featuring a series of photorealistic drawings by Karl Haendel. He portrayed fellow Los Angeles artists whose work inspires him, capturing the dominant hand used in creating their work. “If you take a quick glance at one of these drawings, it looks like a right and left hand. Look more closely and you realize that’s not the case–it’s the same hand, and it’s somehow interleaved with itself,” Haendel wrote about the series. African American artists Edgar Arceneaux, EJ Hill, and Rodney McMillian are among the figures he featured. One of the works, “Double Dominant 4 (Rodney McMillian)” (2018), was recently acquired by the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.