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Pope.L performance at the Whitney Museum

Through his installation and performance art, Pope.L produces innovative interventions, often tackling topics of race and inequality within communities and public spaces.  In conjunction with Blues for Smoke, Pope.L will stage a performance and hands-on project that invites visitors to explore the definitions surrounding the blues, and ask how the blues “aesthetic” has migrated over place and time.  In collaboration with guitarists Richard Robinson, Brandon Ross, and Nir Felder, Pope.L invites visitors to “bury the blues” by probing the transformation of this category through music, art, language, and geography.

Blues for Smoke is an interdisciplinary exhibition that explores a wide range of contemporary art through the lens of the blues and blues aesthetics. Turning to the blues not simply as a musical category but as a field of artistic sensibilities and cultural idioms, the exhibition features works by over forty artists from the 1950s to the present, as well as materials culled from music and popular entertainment.

More information about attending the performance can be found at the Whitney Museum link below.