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The Stanczak Color Quarterly

The Stanczak Color Quarterly celebrates seminal Op Artist and master colorist Julian Stanczak (1928–2017). Each issue features a work from Stanczak's oeuvre and a round-up of current and recent Stanczak exhibitions and press highlights. Plus, we offer a peek into the Stanczak Foundation archives. Read on for more.

Stanczak’s Succession, 1980–2013, emanates light.

Barbara Stanczak explains how Julian Stanczak carefully balanced 30 different colors to create the painting’s luminous effect and writes about why this work remains one of her favorites. In the essay, she details two enduring goals of Stanczak’s artistic practice: achieving “color melt-down” and “metamorphosis.”

“This painting just oozes the sensation of light and life. It does not depict or illustrate any specific light source or life—reminiscent forms, yet it is as if the sun itself were bouncing over the repeated squares.” —Barbara Stanczak on Succession, 1980–2013

Read the full essay here.