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Exterior view of Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Aspen, 2021

Exterior view of Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Aspen, 2021

Exterior view of Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Aspen, 2021

Exterior view of Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Aspen, 2021

Press Release

June 18  – August 15, 2021
520 East Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Colorado 81611

Wednesday–Friday, 11 AM – 6 PM
Saturday & Sunday, 12 PM– 5 PM

Mitchell-Innes & Nash is pleased to announce the opening of its new seasonal exhibition space and first presentation in Aspen, Colorado, open to the public from June 18–August 15, 2021. Located kitty-corner from the Aspen Art Museum, the one thousand square foot storefront space will host new works by gallery artists Keltie Ferris, Gerasimos Floratos, Karl Haendel, Chris Johanson, Eddie Martinez, and Jessica Stockholder, in addition to a series of thematic groupings of gallery artists in dialogue with other leading contemporary artists.

The first thematic presentation is a trio of prominent Pictures generation artists: Jack Goldstein, Annette Lemieux and Cindy Sherman. Lemieux’s photographic diptych Fumée (2015) depicts the artist with her head thrown back with a cigarette and a plume of smoke emanating from her mouth. The composition, directly inspired by a Man Ray photograph, is a striking yet unusual vantage – one which, from a distance, could be construed for an active volcano. Jack Goldstein’s Untitled (1981) is an early and rare work in which Goldstein appropriates a Hollywood-style film still of a soldier jumping out of a fighter plane. Goldstein creates a tension between a sense of fear or consequence in the fall and impending fight, and a sense of spontaneity and freedom. Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #99 (1982) comes from the artist’s Pink Robes series of four photographs, each featuring the artist in a pink bathrobe. Unmediated by theatrical or cinematic references, these intimate works raise questions about naturalism and vulnerability as forms of disguise.

The second thematic grouping looks at the practice of collage in representational and abstract art with works by Sadie Benning, Gerasimos Floratos, Pope.L, Jessica Stockholder and Tom Wesselmann. Jessica Stockholder’s sprawling constructions have played a crucial role in expanding the dialogue between sculpture and painting and form and space. With the two new works presented in Aspen, Confounded Moonrise (2021) and Melodrama (2020) Stockholder merges seemingly disparate, everyday objects such as plastic computer parts, hardware, wood panels, plastic tarp and an iPhone to create holistic, colorful works that hover between painting and sculpture. An early Tom Wesselmann, Portrait Collage #9 (1959), sees the artist use printed papers, postcards, cardy wrappers, leaves and trimmed textiles to create an intimate interior. Finally, new and recent works by Sadie Benning, Gerasimos Floratos and Pope.L will round out the exploration of collage as a creative technique.