Installation Shot, Mitchell-Innes & Nash Chelsea
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #433) Two plastic baskets, framed mirror, nylon webbing, carpet, tulle, embroidery thread, oil and acrylic paint, acrylic yarn, metal number 5, squirrel trap, sculpy, blue blanket, plastic shower curtain, aluminum tarred roo
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #426) Buckets, fabric, frame, photos, paint, ties and thread 70 1/2 by 47 by 13 in. 179.1 by 119.4 by 33 cm.
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #436) Furniture, typewriter, weights, chair, shower curtain and bulb 124 by 71 by 50 in. 315 by 180.3 by 127 cm.
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #435) Plastic, metal, fabric, yarn, cord, light fixture and tulle 114 by 108 by 84 in. 289.6 by 274.3 by 213.4 cm.
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #438) Bamboo, bins, thermos, lamp, tulle, stool, rope and paint 96 by 144 by 112 in. 243.8 by 365.8 by 284.5 cm.
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006, (inv. #429) Furniture, tarp, pillows, lamp, plastic, glass jars 105 by 51 by 30 in. 266.7 by 129.5 by 76.2 cm.
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #427) Lids, plastic and wooden brackets, lamps 104 by 47 by 63 in. 264.2 by 119.4 by 160 cm.
JESSICA STOCKHOLDER 2006 (inv. #428) Fluorescent light, bicycle rack, plastic waste basket, plastic thermos, red light bulb and fixture with plastic pitcher shade, yellow plastic crates, electric wires, wooden stool and bench, plywood, rubber mat, metal f

Press Release

July 19, 2006 – Internationally-renowned sculptor and installation artist Jessica Stockholder will have her first exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash Chelsea from September 9 – October 14. The exhibition will include several new sculptures on public view for the first time; it will be Stockholder’s first solo New York gallery show since 2003. Jessica Stockholder’s work is an invitation to enjoy the multiplicity of meaning embedded in the formality of all kinds of objects. Her work points to thought structures that are both abstract and literal. She engages an aesthetic vocabulary that is idiosyncratic and unmistakably her own, using materials including plastic buckets and baskets, skeins of brightly-colored yarn, swatches of fabric, throw-cushions, lamps, and household furniture. Broad swaths of paint trace paths through Stockholder’s pieces, creating areas of intense color. Although Stockholder works in architectural and volumetric space, her work has been crucial in the ongoing dialogue about the possibilities of painting. Jessica Stockholder has exhibited widely in museums and galleries internationally. She was recently the focus of the career survey exhibition Jessica Stockholder, Kissing the Wall: Works, 1988-2003 at the Blaffer Art Gallery, University of Houston, Texas and the Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She has had solo shows at museums including the Dia Center for the Arts and P.S. 1 (New York), The Renaissance Society (Chicago), the Power Plant (Toronto), and Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik (Odense, Denmark). She has been included in important group exhibitions including SITE Santa Fe and The Whitney Biennial. Her work is represented in the permanent collections of numerous museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Stockholder is the Director of Graduate Studies in Sculpture at Yale University in New Haven, CT. She is represented by Mitchell-Innes & Nash. Listing Information: Mitchell-Innes & Nash Chelsea is located at 534 West 26th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat, 10am to 6pm T: (212) 744-7400 An opening reception will be held at the gallery on Friday, September 8, 2006, from 6 to 8pm. Press Information: Stacy Bolton Communications T: 212.721.5350 E: On view at Mitchell-Innes & Nash Uptown: Norbert Schwontkowski, September 21 through November 22, 2006.