Featuring works by: Tjorg Douglas Beer Natalie Frank Axel Geis Jack Goldstein Justine Kurland Chris Martin Chris Miner Enoc Perez Martha Rosler Norbert Schwontkowski Jessica Stockholder


Jessica Stockholder 2007 Hand made paper, acrylic paint, plastic cooler part, aluminum flashing, sticker, hardware, cloth, yarn, paper carton, newspaper 20 1/2 by 28 3/8 by 4 in.
Natalie Frank "Study for Portrait" 2008 Gouache and chalk pastel on paper 17 7/8 by 22 1/2 in. 45.4 by 57.2 cm.
Jessica Stockholder 2008 Framed oil painting from TJ Maxx, green plastic, brown plastic, bamboo bead mat, yarn, cloth, copper, plastic bits, thread, lexal caulk, oil and acrylic paint, hardware. 27 in. by 29 in. by 8 in.
Enoc Perez El Miramar 2008 Oil on paper 59 3/4 by 41 1/4 in. 151.8 by 104.8 cm.