High Line Art, presented by Friends of the High Line, is pleased to announce that Brooklyn-based artist Virginia Overton will transform an old pickup truck into a site-specific sculpture installed on the stacked parking next to the High Line at West 20th Street, on view from Thursday, September 13, 2012 to September 2013. One of the sites adjacent the park that evokes curiosity in the passersby for their unusual structure, the parking lot will function as a plinth for the artist’s intervention. As with other High Line Art projects, the city becomes a pedestal for artist interventions, with its roofs, walls, and in this case a parking lot. Overton’s installation will also be visible from different vantage points around the High Line. Visitors can see the work from above by standing on the elevated staircase attached to the High Line at West 20th Street; a view from the side of the installation by standing on the High Line; and a view from below by standing on the street.


Installation View: Virginia Overton at the Power Station, Dallas